Welcome to our online wagering web site!

In my own name and on behalf of all the other members of this organization, I thank you sincerely for your visit and hope that you will take a moment to learn more about our online wagering company and the diversity of the online wagering services we offer through our expansive network.

Please note that we also offer an 800 line if you feel more comfortable placing online wagering transactions over the phone.

Instant Action Sports is an online wagering company with unique characteristics. Our exceptional management and leadership abilities combine with a highly trained and extremely dedicated customer service team and an extensive, modern communications system to form a top-notch sports book.

Founded over a decade ago, Instant Action Sports has held a leadership position in the local sports arena from the very beginning. In 1997, the company received a best customer service rating for the first time. We have since made it our goal to maintain a high level of service, and in 2006, Instant Action was again recognized for its outstanding dedication to customer support.

Instant Action Sports continues to distinguish itself in the online wagering sports market. Our first-rate team at Instant Action does more than make online wagering simple and easy; we bring a zest for sports and online betting that we hope is reflected in every aspect of our company. It is these qualities that make this and the coming years promising ones for both our company and our clients.

I would like to conclude this message by thanking Instant Action’s many customers for their loyalty and support.  It is you who have provided the solid foundation for our dynamic and creative institution. It is for you that we continue to uphold Security and Legitimacy as our bylaws and maintain our pledge to GUARANTEED SAME DAY PAYOUTS on all online wagering sporting events.

We look forward to the opportunities that await us all in this new century.

Our Vision

  • To preserve our reputation as a leading organization known for its solidity, ethics, creativity, and dedication to clients
  • To create a top-notch, wide-ranging sports book that compliments every sports arena.

Our Mission

  • To provide our clients with excellent service and to satisfy all of their betting needs
  • To promote rapport within our staff and with our customers, prompting new ideas and offering creative approaches
  • To uphold our stability and reliability by firmly adhering to our ethical commitments

Code of Ethics

  • To maintain honesty, integrity, confidentiality, and moral solvency as the key components of all of our actions
  • To make knowing our clients our primary responsibility
  • To keep respect and fair treatment as the basis for our labor relations
  • To protect our reputation and to promote a respectable corporate image

Give us a call at (888) 423-8427 at any time. We will be more than happy to answer your questions. Instant Action Sports: our name says it all!


– M.J. Frederickson, owner and manager